Connect with PowerED

Connecting PowerED™ to your existing EMR system is easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Create unformatted report of data elements from a list we provide.
  2. Export report to our secure FTP site.
  3. Schedule for regular file overwriting to provide the most current data.

Your hospital’s electronic medical record is the key to patient care; it is the legal record and the repository of information in the hospital.

PowerED™ is an augmentation to these systems to help managers, physicians, and administrators care for your department.

We use simple connections to the EMR that can allow daily or real-time connectivity to PowerED™ products with no IT resources or complex interfaces.

New, old, or in-between, Apogee’s PowerED™ products can be connected to your hospital’s information system.

Our experts can guide you through the easiest, HIPAA secure approach to extend your control over your department.

** Need to discuss a more comprehensive connection?  Apogee experts can help with a variety of secure business-to-business data portals.

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