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Emergency Departments are the “front door” to hospitals. The flow of patients is the flow of business for your institution and consistent overcrowding and long patient waits are a sign of trouble within the facility.

Tuning your department’s flow is crucial to a smooth-running hospital.

With PowerED™, you have up-to-the-minute information about your ED.


Harness the power of the existing EMR system.

Identify problems in your emergency department and correct them.

      • Manage today, today.
      • Save time and money
      • Accurate and consistent
      • Resource optimization and financial control
      • Remote monitoring
      • Daily status reports delivered to your inbox


Monitor – Control  – Improve

PowerED™ has two subscriptions options. PowerED Daily and PowerED Real-Time.

PowerED Daily:

PowerED Real-Time (Includes the features of PowerED – Daily )


PowerED Daily

PowerED™ keeps you informed

Running an Emergency Department is a complex job.

Optimize resources and take financial control over your department with PowerED-Daily.

Monthly, weekly and daily reports keep you informed while you track physician performance, manage your process flow and identify and correct ED issues remotely.

PowerED Real-Time

PowerED™ Real-Time keeps you in control

Real-Time updated screens provide you the most complete picture of your emergency department patient inflow, throughput and outflow.

Hospital proven quick-glance gauges and process tables orient the ED Manager to the state of their department in seconds even if you are outside of the hospital.

Plus, all the features of PowerED – Daily


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